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Reschedulling passengers to preceding or next trains

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  • La rame Régiolis arrive en Alsace


  • Reschedulling passengers to preceding or next trains

    Productivity improvements for major infrastructure maintenance work require increasing the lenght of outage periods substantially, wich can result in cancelling a passenger train. How will customers react ? Will the switch to the preceding or next train with the same service for the rest or cancel their journey? The computer-based modelling proposed in this article aims to approach the quantification of this behaviour.

  • The Tianxingzhou bridge: the world record for span on cable-stayed railway bridges

    The 4,657m long Tianxingzhou bridge holds the world record for spans on cable-stayed railway bridges with a 504m span. The combined rail-road bridge deck required sophisticated calcultations of dynamics under rolling loads. The effects of earthquakes, fire, and the vibrations of stay cables have also been studied in detail.

  • Manufacture of 432m CWR: an exclusive feature of the civil engineering site in Burgondy

    Since 8 July 2011, the INFRARAIL industrial site at Saulon-la-Chapelle, near Dijon, has been producing 432 metre-long continuous welded rails (CWR) achieved by welding 108 metre-long elementary bars. This has been made possibility by the completely overhauling the installations which were transformed over a period of 18 months without any interruption in production. Modernisation of this installation which is unique in France was financed by RFF and will yield productivity improvments in rail laying and track quality.

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