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Modelling: the key to the success of a complex functional and software-based project

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  • Les attelages


  • Modelling: the key to the success of a complex functional and software-based project

    This article shows the value of using modelling and functional simulation in the specification and design stage through the example of a real software modification project when the TGV trainsets were equipped with the new generation of tripods: the NG Tripod project.

  • The Translohr rubber-tyred trams by NTL

    In 2014, The Trophy for Innovation in the Accessibility, Fittings, Facilities and Design Award was awarded to NTL (NewTransLohr) for the Translohr Prime, a simplified unidirectional version of the Translohr rubber-tyred trams. The award was discerned by the “Objectif Transport Public” Economic Interest Group, consisting of the GART (Group of Transport Authorities) and the UTP (Public Transport Union). More recently, in 2013 and 2014, the RATP commissioned two Translohr lines: line T5 between Saint-Denis and Sarcelles (Translohr STE3) and line T6 between Vélizy, Châtillon and Viroflay (Translohr STE6).

  • The Melbourne trams

    In 2009 Keolis took over management of the Melbourne tram network which was over a hundred years old and one of the most extensive in the world. This article contains a description of the infrastructure, the rolling stock and the operating methods together with the projects, technical and managerial steps taken to improve the level of service and bring it up to current standards.

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